National Volunteers Week 2021

From May 17–23, 2021 National Volunteers Week will celebrate the significant contribution of Australia’s almost six million volunteers, which includes people in our parishes and agencies.

Each year these volunteers dedicate over 600 million hours to help others.  The theme for NVW 2021 is Recognise. Reconnect. Reimagine. which acknowledges that it is time to:

RECOGNISE, celebrate and thank volunteers for the vital role they play in our lives.

RECONNECT to what is important by giving our time to help others and ourselves.

REIMAGINE how we better support volunteers and communities they help.

More information is available from the National Volunteer Weeks website.


Prayer for Volunteers

We pray for all those who volunteer in our parishes.
May we value the many talents and gifts
that God has given to these people.
We thank them for generously offering
their time to parish ministries.
For all these gifts, given out of your love,
we thank you, God of all goodness.