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Ballarat North

Ballarat North Stewardship Program 2019

13 February 2019

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Welcome to week two of our Parish Stewardship Program.


This week is all about FAITH.


We ask you to reflect on the importance of faith in your life.  Is your faith the foundation of who you are?  Does it drive the way you choose to live your life?


We also ask you to re-affirm the importance of Sunday Mass – how we come together as a community to celebrate our faith.  The Eucharist is something much bigger than ourselves – it is not a private or anonymous experience. The communal celebration of the Eucharist on Sundays gives us the spiritual nourishment to live our lives as true disciples of Jesus.


Finally, we ask you to commit to growing in faith – to take the opportunity to learn and develop a mature understanding of our faith.


Fr Marcello

Parish Priest


Thoughts from our Leadership Team

Q: What does celebrating your faith as a parish community mean to you?

“It is comforting to come together with all parishioners of like minds.”

“The Mass and the faith-filled community of St Columba’s nourishes my own faith.  There is real joy to be had in openly and actively celebrating my faith with a parish community.  I find both support and solidarity in our gathering together.  The parish is an extension of my family – over the years I have come to know and care about our parish community – though diverse in many ways, we are united in our faith – and that is a powerful and blessed thing.”

“A coming together of all different people with different backgrounds to celebrate the word of the Lord. It brings us closer together as a community.”

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