The Parish of



  • Sacred Heart

    259 - 261 Eleventh Street, Mildura

  • St Francis Xavier's

    3 Elms Street, Irymple

  • Our Lady of Lourdes



Postal Address
PO Box 10037
Mildura Vic 3502

Parish Office

Parish Office Hours
Please note:  F
rom 5th January until 22nd January 2021, the Parish Office will be opened for reduced hours of 9:00am until 12 noon

Please direct all phone calls and enquiries regarding baptisms, first communions, confirmation, weddings, etc and other administration matters to the Parish Office which is open Tuesday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm. 


Postal Address
PO Box 10037
Mildura  Vic  3502

Street Address
257 Eleventh Street
Mildura Vic 3500

(03) 5021 2872

(03) 5023 0337


(03) 50229959


Mass Times

Sunraysia Masses for January 2021


Please refer to current Parish Bulletin for times of Masses

Parishioners from all Parishes are encouraged to
use the QR Code displayed in all churches.




Number of People Attending Mass

Approximate people to church size:
Mildura: 450 people
Merbein: 150 people
Irymple: 50 people
Red Cliffs: 250 people




The last Online Service is that of 1st November 2020. That, and previous Services, can be seen by

Click here to view Parish Lifestream of Mass

Thursday Scripture Group
All are welcome to attend Scripture Sharing in preparation for Sunday Readings, held on Thursdays between 3pm and 4pm in the Monaghan Centre. Please bring Sunday Missal or Bible. For further information contact Sr. Helen on 0438734524
Morning Prayer of the Church
Suspended until further notice
Tue/Wed/Thurs/Fri 8:40am
Devotion Prayer & Exposition
Suspended until further notice

Friday 3:00pm
Christian Meditation
Suspended until further notice

Sat 11:30am Parish Prayer Room – Sacred Heart Presbytery
Suspended until further notice
Saturday 10:00am
Charismatic Prayer Meeting
Suspended until further notice
Tuesday 6:30pm

Latest Parish Bulletin - 23 Jan 2021

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Our Parish

Our Parish embraces the communities of Mildura, Irymple and Werrimull

Our Parish Vision
“Our Parish is a Eucharistic Community united by our faith in Jesus Christ.
We work together in the power of the Holy Spirit to spread the good news of God’s Kingdom.”

There is a lot happening in our parish and a lot of parishioners are doing very useful things. We hope that this website will bring you up to date on some of the parish groups, their varied activities and their contact persons.

Our parish is essentially people. We of the Parish Pastoral Team see a major task of ours as helping you appreciate your own unique importance and special giftedness, and feel an ever-greater sense of belonging. We would love you all to become involved in the faith life of the parish and to take ownership for its vitality and effectiveness.

We are living in rapidly changing times. Our lives can so easily become overburdened; our available time so scarce. We all need the opportunity to step back from life and to bring our lives into perspective. What are we here for? What do we really value? Our faith provides the needed direction; but we need the support of each other to find the necessary freedom to shape our lives in line with our chosen priorities.

You are most welcome to take part in any of the listed parish groups and activities, or to suggest new ways that we can help each other. Feel free to contact the leaders, or make yourself known to the Parish Pastoral Team.

A detailed history of our Parish can be read here.

Please contact the Parish Office on 50212872

Sacramental Information
Please read here for information relating to Baptisms and Marriages.
Until further notice please contact the Parish office in regards to Baptisms and Marriages

Sacrament of Reconciliation 2021
The program for children in Year 4 and above will begin in February. A Parent information evening will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 16th February in Sacred Heart Church. Enrolment forms are to be completed and returned to Parish Office before the Parent meeting. For further information please contact the Parish Office on 50212872, Tuesday to Friday 9am to 12 noon until 22nd January and then 9am to 4pm.

First Eucharist 2020:
Celebrated on 6th, 7th, 8th,10th,12th, 13th, 14th and 15th November.

Mildura Confirmation 2020
Held over until 2021
Rite of Christian Initiation of Youth (RCIY) is for students in secondary schools who have not yet received Sacraments of Baptism and/or Eucharist and Confirmation. Please contact the Parish Office for further information.

RCIA 2019 – 2020
To our five RCIA Candidates and one RCIY candidate  initiated into our community on Pentecost Sunday, 31st May 2020.   We pray for  Marcus, Brooke, Simon, Manu, Leigh and Semisi and may God’s special blessing be upon them.



Fr Matthew Thomas PP
(From 01/06/2020)
Fr Matthew is also Parish Priest of Merbein and Red Cliffs Parishes.

Fr Shaiju Mathew AP

Parish Secretary
Mrs Carmel Russo
Parish Council Secretary
Mrs Lyn Welsh

Safeguarding Officer
Mr Peter Issanchon

Catholic Schools
Sacred Heart Primary School

St Paul’s Primary School

St Joseph’s Secondary College

Des Lowry
Ph. 5023 1204

Vince Muscatello
Ph. 5023 4567

Marg Blythman
Ph. 5018 8000

The Parish of Sacred Heart is committed to the obligation to ensure the safety of all children in our care.


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