The Parish of



  • St Joseph's

    169 Kepler Street, Warrnambool

  • St Anne's

    Hopkins Highway, Purnim


Postal Address
PO Box 104
Warrnambool VIC 3280

Street Address
169 Kepler Street
Warrnambool VIC 3280

(03) 5562 2231


Mass Times

St Joseph’s Church

Mass times:
Sunday: 8.30am, 10.00am, 6.00pm

Ministry District Mass times:

Saturday Vigil: 6.30pm Infant Jesus Koroit

Sunday: 9.00am St Patrick’s Port Fairy

10.30am St Pius X Warrnambool




St Anne’s Purnim
2nd & 4th Sundays: Mass 11.00am
1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays
Sunday Assembly of Word and Communion – 11.00am

Weekday Mass times

Please see Parish Bulletin for weekly Mass times


Latest Parish Bulletin - 30 Jul 2021

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Our Parish

The present Church is situated on the corners of Raglan Parade, Kepler Street and Lava Street.  It was completed in 1889  Until 1849 there was no permanent place of worship for Catholics in Warrnambool and initially a small wooden building erected on the corner of Kelp and Timor Streets served as their Church.

St Anne’s: The Church was built in 1940.  It is situated on the Hopkins Highway which runs through Purnim. The Church is an important place of worship for the Catholic community of Purnim and the surrounding area.
(For further information on both St Joseph’s and St Anne’s see History page)

Catholic Schools

St. Joseph’s Primary School
Principal Matthew O’Brien
Phone (03) 5561 2347
Address 70 Botanic Road Warrnambool 3280

Emmanuel College (Regional Secondary School)
Principal Peter Morgan
Phone (03) 5560 0888
Fax (03) 5560 0889
Address 37 Ardlie Street, Warrnambool 3280


St Joseph’s: Until 1849 there was no permanent place of worship for Catholics in Warrnambool. Initially a small wooden building erected on the corner of Kelp and Timor Streets served as the Church for the Catholics of Warrnambool. Dean Thomas Slattery, the first Parish Priest of Warrnambool, came to live permanently in the city in 1853.  In 1856 the foundation stone of  the present parish hall on the corner of Kepler Street and Raglan Parade was laid by Bishop Goold from Melbourne.

The building was used as a school and Church for the increasing Catholic community of Warrnambool.  By 1867 it was becoming apparent that this building was also too small for the congregation and plans for a new Church were made. The Church was built in two stages  and the present St Joseph’s was finally completed on the 23rd September 1889.  In 2002 a Gathering Space was built on to the Church.  This Gathering Space has certainly  complemented parish life.

St Anne’s:  There is no record of when the original St Anne’s Church was  built other than that it was being used as a school and a Church prior to 1863 and was extended in 1885.  This old wooden Church served the community for more than 75 years and in 1940 the community built the present brick building.  This is still an important place of worship for the Catholic community of Purnim.

A Century in Bluestone

A History of St Joseph’s Parish and the Catholic faith in the Warrnambool area up until 1989.
D Melican and C Lourey. ISBN 0 7316 7303 4. Published in 1989. Only available in hard copy: $10. Contact the Parish Office.
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Parish Priest
Rev John Fitzgerald
Assistant Priest
Rev John Corrigan
Parish Office
5562 2231
Parish Staff
Business Manager                Tony Herbert

Assistant Business Manager
Louise Dryburgh

Parish Secretary
Leanne McElgunn
Pat Negri
Contact people for Committees, Organisations and Ministries within the Parish
Baptism Preparation
Parish Office 5562 2231
Bereavement Group
Sr Marie Mansbridge 5560 5160
Card Group Tuesday Afternoon
Parish Office 5562 2231
Children’s Liturgy Communion to the Sick
Parish Office 5562 2231
Eucharist to the Hospital
Parish Office 5562 2231
Family Groups
Chris & Jane Thompson 5561 7259
Finance Committee
Gerald Shanley 5562 5992
Funeral Ministry
Fr John Fitzgerald 5562 2231
Funeral Vigil
Mary Lancaster 0409 158 177
Mary Lancaster 0409 158 177
Liturgical Minstries
Parish Office 5562 2231
Liturgy Committee
5562 2231
Maintenance Committee
Pat Gleeson 5562 3519
Moving Forward Group

Marie Morgan 5562 0048

Music Coordinator
Lyn Hyland 5562 8423
Parish Safeguarding Officer
Anne Maree Mugavin
0433 708 017
Pastoral Leadership Team
Mary Lancaster, Executive Officer, 0409 158 177
Returning Catholics
Mary Lancaster 0409 158 177
Fr John Fitzgerald 5562 2231
Sacramental Team
Parish Office 5562 2231
Social Justice Group
in recess until further notice
St Vincent de Paul
Gerald Madden 5561 3991
Parish Office 5562 2231
Young Christian Students & Workers
Stacey Atkins 0439 659 969


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Professional Standards

Children Young People and Vulnerable Adults Safety Policy 

Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Code of Conduct

Commitment Statement to the Safety of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

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