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THE PARISH OF Ballarat North


  • St Columba's
    Corner of Lydiard & Gregory Street, Ballarat North


Postal & Street Address:
306 Gregory Street
Ballarat North  VIC  3350

Phone:  (03) 5331 7131 or in an emergency 0417 168716


School Link:

Mass Times


Vigil 6.00pm

Mass 10.00am
Mass 9.30am
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Our Parish

Welcome to St Columba's Parish. Our church is located on the corner of Lydiard & Gregory Street, Ballarat North.

If you are considering Baptism for your child please email

Street Address: 306 Gregory Street, Ballarat North

Phone: (03) 5331 7131

Office Hours
Wednesday 9:00am-1.30pm, Thursday & Friday 9am-2.30pm

St Columba’s Primary School


  • On 31st January, 1911, St. Columba’s School was opened for students and was staffed by Sisters of Mercy who travelled each day from Ballarat East. Because the Bishop was away at the time, the official blessing and opening took place later that year.
  • Ballarat North community had its own church in 1919 when a wooden church, which had been built about 1892 as the original chapel of the Redemptorist Monastery in Wendouree, was moved to the site on Gregory Street, alongside the existing primary school.
  • The present church was built in its original form in 1940, and the former wooden church became part of the primary school, originally used as classrooms and later as an assembly hall. There it stayed until 2007 when the school’s needs demanded not only the space but a more up-to-date area for school assemblies and other functions.
  • The 1940 church underwent extensive refurbishment in the years after Vatican II, allowing a more open and simple arrangement while respecting the intrinsic beauty of the original building.
  • Later still, an entrance foyer was added, not only to serve as a gathering (and de-briefing!) space, but also to allow for the various parish meetings.
  • The stained glass windows in the church are neither spectacular nor lavish, but they are rich in symbols from both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament.
  • Although the parish community had a distinct identity of its own from 1911, Ballarat North did not officially become a parish until 1971. The presbytery at the rear of the church was actually built before then (1958), and served as a residence for a number of priests who were engaged in various ministries in Ballarat and beyond. 
  • Many of the parishioners who have lived in the area for many years have fond memories of the pastors who served as their parish priests: Fathers Boylan, Martin, van de Camp and Brophy. In 2002 when Fr. Brophy was moved to Mildura, the parish lost the ministry of a resident priest, was then administered from St. Patrick’s Cathedral until it came under the care of Father Gerard Prunty, Administrator of both OLHC Wendouree and St Columba's. The community has retained a strong identity of its own.
  • Mass is celebrated at 6pm on Saturday evenings, and 10am on Sunday mornings.  A regular group of parishioners welcome all at 9.30am on Wednesday mornings to celebrate Mass.




Parish Priest

Fr Marcello Colasante



Pastoral Associate

Judith O'Sullivan



Visiting Priest:

Fr  Barry Ryan



Parish Secretary

Ruth Marquand



Parish Leadership Team
Bruce Chapman (chair)

Troy Severino

Megan Bourke

Kate Lawry

Gerard Macklin

Kim Butler

Jennifer Adams

Judith O'Sullivan

Torie Waight


Ministry Roster April - December 2017

Parish Leaflet 2017


** Please note: only 5 prayers are required:

      1.  For the church (you can include the Pope but it is not mandatory)

      2.  For the world

      3.  For opressed or discriminated people/groups

      4.  For local needs of our city or parish

      5.  For recent deaths and anniversaries



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SUNDAY READINGS Year A from 6 August 2017 - Christ the King (34th Sunday in Ordinary Time)


Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines 2017


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Parish Map

St Columba's

Corner of Lydiard & Gregory Street, Corner of Lydiard & Gregory Street

We are the Catholic Church in the Ballarat Diocese
we gather in the name of Jesus from the Murray to the sea
in interwoven faith communities. Spirit filled
we celebrate and share our journey
reaching out to nurture all God's people.

Diocesan Vision Statement 2005

All Enquiries

PO Box 576
Ballarat, Victoria 3353

Phone +61 3 5337 7111

Where to find us

Catholic Diocese of Ballarat
5 Lyons Street South
Ballarat, Victoria 3353