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  • St Patrick’s
    Cnr Simpson Street & Coleraine Road, Balmoral
  • St Joseph’s
    Tarrayoukyan Road, Tarrayoukyan
  • St Michael’s
    Glenferrie Road, Harrow


Street Address
Glenferrie Road
Harrow  VIC  3317

Postal Address
PO Box 22
Harrow  VIC  3317

Phone: Casterton (03) 5581 1044

Mass Times

LITURGY Balmoral Casterton Coleraine Edenhope Harrow
First Sunday 5pm Mass 10am Lay-led 9am Mass 9am Mass  
Second Sunday 9am Lay-led 9am Mass 7pm Vigil Mass 10:30 Lay-led 10:45 Mass
Third Sunday 9am Mass 5pm Mass 9am Lay-led 11am Mass 10am Lay-led
Fourth Sunday 9am Lay-Led 11am Mass 9am Mass 5pm Mass  
Fifth Sunday 6pm Ecumenical 10am Lay-led 9am Ecumenical 10am Ecumenical 10am Mass


Goroke celebrates Mass at 6pm every first Friday.

Tarrayoukyan celebrates Mass at 10:45am on the first Sunday.

Apsley celebrates Mass at 5pm on the fifth Sunday.

Minimay celebrates Mass at a negotiated time each quarter.


MASSES First Sunday Second Sunday Third Sunday Fourth Sunday Fifth Sunday
7pm Saturday   Coleraine      
9am Sunday Edenhope Casterton Balmoral Coleraine  
10:45am Sunday Tarrayoukyan Harrow     10am Harrow
11am Sunday     Edenhope Casterton  
5pm Sunday Balmoral   Casterton Edenhope Apsley

Our Parish

Harrow is a quintessentially Aussie hamlet within the Western District. It is a close-knit community with lots of initiative. Among its many attractions, locals have organised the Johnny Mullagh Discovery Centre, an historical sound and light show at the local pub, and popular recurring events like "Beaut Blokes" — the inspiration for Farmer Wants a Wife — and "Pathways to Harrow," which celebrates multiple generations of pioneering women of the district. The Catholics in Harrow worship at St Michael's, a charming timber church "the other side of the river."

The neighbouring town of Balmoral is smaller than Harrow, but the Catholic congregation there is much bigger. At St Patrick's you will find a repertoire of hymns which reflect the artistic talents redolent of Balmoral. The faithful of St Michael's welcome you to our active and friendly community.

Tarrayoukyan is no longer a town at all. Where once there stood a sawmill, a pub, and multiple residences, Tarrayoukyan now consists of St Joseph's Catholic Church, and a picturesque bush cemetery. Nonetheless, there are always visitors among the Tarrayoukyan congregation at our monthly Mass, and they're always made to feel welcome.


Fr Paddy

Canonical Administrator
Rev Patrick Mugavin (Resident in Hamilton)

Fr Paddy is parish priest of Hamilton. Since 2014 he has also had administrative responsibility for the four parishes west of Hamilton: Casterton, Coleraine, Edenhope and Harrow.

Together with Hamilton and Portland, these parishes constitute the Western District Catholic Community.

Fr John

Visiting Priest
Rev John Corrigan (Resident in Casterton)

Fr John is assistant priest in Hamilton, but he lives in Casterton and he has pastoral responsbility for the parish of Harrow, as well as Casterton, Coleraine and Edenhope.

Fr John is also a priest blogger! He blogs at


St Michael's Parish is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for people of all ages, with special concern for children, young people and vulnerable adults. Our Child Safe Policy and practices support a proactive role in the care, wellbeing and protection of children and young people, the provision of child safe environments and intervention procedures for responding to abuse and neglect.

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Mr John Donegan.

Child Safe policies and procedures

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Child Safe policy
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Code of Conduct
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Parish Safeguarding Officer
Role description

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Statement of Commitment
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Responding & Reporting Flowchart
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Parish Map

St Patrick’s

Cnr Simpson Street & Coleraine Road, Cnr Simpson Street & Coleraine Road

St Joseph’s

Tarrayoukyan Road, Tarrayoukyan Road

St Michael’s

Glenferrie Road, Glenferrie Road

We are the Catholic Church in the Ballarat Diocese
we gather in the name of Jesus from the Murray to the sea
in interwoven faith communities. Spirit filled
we celebrate and share our journey
reaching out to nurture all God's people.

Diocesan Vision Statement 2005

All Enquiries

PO Box 576
Ballarat, Victoria 3353

Phone +61 3 5337 7111

Where to find us

Catholic Diocese of Ballarat
5 Lyons Street South
Ballarat, Victoria 3353