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  • St Joseph’s
    25 Hamilton Street, Timboon
  • St Andrew’s
    10 Lavers Hill Road, Simpson


Postal Address
PO Box 62
Timboon  VIC  3268
31 Hamilton Street
Timboon  VIC  3268
Phone (03) 5598 3193
Mobile 0439 145 805

Mass Times

St Joseph's Timboon

Masses - 1st and 3rd Sundays,10.45 a.m.

September 2017 Masses: 3rd and 17th 


5th Sunday Masses alternate between St Joseph's Timboon and St Andrew's Simpson. Please contact the parish office for details.


St Joseph's Timboon

Assemblies of Word and Communion - 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 6:00 p.m.

September 2017 Assembly of Word and Communion: 9th and 23rd.




St Andrew's Simpson

Masses - 1st and 3rd Sundays, 9.00 a.m.

September 2017 Masses: 3rd and 17th.


5th Sunday Masses alternate between St Joseph's Timboon and St Andrew's Simpson. Please contact the parish office for details.


St Andrew's Simpson

Assemblies of Word and Communion - 2nd and 4th Sundays, 9.00 a.m.

September 2017 Assembly of Word and Communion: 10th and 24th.


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Our Parish

Parish Directory

St Joseph’s Parish, Timboon includes the towns of Nullawarre, Peterborough, Princetown, Port Campbell, Simpson and Timboon. Churches are located in Timboon and Simpson.

Our Parish community strives to be welcoming, affirming and open to each other and to all who come to be part of our faith community. We value the presence of each person, and draw strength and inspiration from our worship and life together so that we can witness to God’s love in our local community and beyond. We welcome the gifts with which God has endowed each person, as well as those gifts developed through life’s experiences.

The Parish Directory lists the various groups and ministries that are part of our Parish life with a brief description of each.  If there is a group or ministry you would like to join or know more about please contact the person listed.

We thank all those people who already contribute to the life of our Parish in so many ways and look forward to their continued support.

Click here to access the Directory.


Parish Contacts
Annette Vogels
Phone (03) 5598 3634
Anne McMeel 
Phone  (H) (03) 5595 9271
Mary Dillon
Phone (03) 5598 7293

Parish Priest

Fr. Neville Stanislaus (resident in Camperdown).

Fr Neville is also Parish Priest of Camperdown.

Parish Secretary

George Swierczek


Code of Conduct for Caring for Children


The Code of Conduct for Caring for Children applies to those who work with children within the parishes and agencies of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. It is intended to promote an environment in which the safety and wellbeing of children is paramount, and adults who are planning and participating in children’s activities feel supported to carry out their work with confidence.

Checklist • It is the responsibility of all adults to create a safe and positive environment for children and hold a valid Working with Children Check where required • Be a positive role model; always treat children and adults alike with dignity and respect • Good planning will help your activities run smoothly. Always consider: o How many adults will be needed to care properly for your group? o What risks are associated with your activity (including its nature, location and proximity to physical dangers, eg water height, traffic, and wildlife) and how can risks be minimised? o How will you deal with any emergencies? o Have you obtained appropriate parental consent and obtained emergency contact details? (You can use sample forms which can be found at o Have you asked whether any of the children you are caring for have allergies or medical conditions? (You can use sample forms which can be found at You will need to prepare a plan to manage any allergies or conditions, and the Code of Conduct can give you more detail about how to do this • If you are arranging overnight stays, ensure appropriate sleeping arrangements • Ensure safe and appropriate use of the internet • Ensure appropriate food hygiene is maintained • Ensure appropriate sun protection

FURTHER INFORMATION A copy of the Code of Conduct may be found at or ask your parish priest or the head of your agency. If you have any questions, please call (03) 9267 0221

General Principles • Provide children with guidance about acceptable behaviour and give directions to manage behaviour which is disruptive or unacceptable. • The use of tobacco and illicit drugs is unacceptable as is the provision of these substances to a child. The misuse of medication is also unacceptable. • Avoid inappropriate physical conduct and language. • Take care not to form inappropriate relationships with children in your activities. It is always the responsibility of the adult, not the child or young person, to set appropriate boundaries. • Avoid favouritism. • Always maintain an open and transparent environment when you are with children. It is best practice to always have another adult with you and in activities where you must work one on one you should remain in view of other people at all times. • Overnight stays involve additional responsibilities with feeding and supervised sleeping arrangements. • Report any situation which causes you concern. • Call 000 for any emergencies. • Ask for guidance if you are not sure what to do.

The Code of Conduct sets out how you may report a matter and the procedure which will be followed. This document is a brief summary of the Code of Conduct. Those who work with children in a parish or agency of the Archdiocese of Melbourne should read and become familiar with the Code of Conduct.


Parish News
Parish Map

St Joseph’s

25 Hamilton Street, 25 Hamilton Street

St Andrew’s

10 Lavers Hill Road, 10 Lavers Hill Road

We are the Catholic Church in the Ballarat Diocese
we gather in the name of Jesus from the Murray to the sea
in interwoven faith communities. Spirit filled
we celebrate and share our journey
reaching out to nurture all God's people.

Diocesan Vision Statement 2005

All Enquiries

PO Box 576
Ballarat, Victoria 3353

Phone +61 3 5337 7111

Where to find us

Catholic Diocese of Ballarat
5 Lyons Street South
Ballarat, Victoria 3353