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THE PARISH OF Western Border


  • St Mary's
    23 Dinwoodie Street, Hamilton
  • Sacred Heart
    26 Robertson Street, Casterton
  • St Joseph’s
    47 McKebery Street, Coleraine
  • St Malachy’s
    5 Anzac Avenue, Edenhope
  • St Patrick’s
    98 Martin Street, Dunkeld
  • St Thomas’
    Caramut Road, Glenthompson
  • St Malachy’s
    High Street , Macarthur
  • St Joseph's
    13 Martin Street , Penshurst
  • St Patrick’s
    Cnr Simpson Street & Coleraine Road, Balmoral
  • St Joseph’s
    Tarrayoukyan Road, Tarrayoukyan
  • St Michael’s
    Glenferrie Road, Harrow
  • Immaculate Conception
    14 Splatt Street, Apsley
  • Catholic Community
    , Goroke
  • Catholic Community
    , Minimay


Street and Postal Address:

23 Dinwoodie Street
Hamilton  VIC  3300

Phone:  (03) 5571 1161




Easter Ceremonies

Holy Thursday

  • Casterton, 6pm

  • Coleraine, 6pm

  • Dunkeld, 7pm

  • Edenhope, 6pm

  • Hamilton, 7pm

Good Friday

  • Casterton, 3pm

  • Coleraine, 3pm

  • Dunkeld, 3pm

  • Edenhope, 3pm

  • Hamilton, 3pm

Holy Saturday

  • Balmoral, 7:30pm

  • Edenhope, 7pm

  • Hamilton, 7:30pm

Easter Sunday

  • Casterton, 10:30am

  • Coleraine, 9am

  • Dunkeld, 10:30am

  • Glenthompson, 8:30am

  • Harrow, 10am

  • Hamilton, 10:30am

  • Penshurst, 8:30am

  • Tarrayoukyan, 9:30am


Mass Times

LITURGY Hamilton Hamilton Dunkeld Glenthompson Penshurst
First Sunday 6.00pm Mass
(Sat vigil) 
10.30am Mass 9.00am
Assembly of Word and Communion
Assembly of Word and Communion
Second Sunday 6.00pm
(Sat vigil)
10.30am Mass   8.30am   
Third Sunday 6.00pm
(Sat vigil)
10.30am Mass 8.30am Mass 8.30am 8.30am
Fourth Sunday 6.00pm
(Sat vigil)
10.30am Mass 8.30am Mass   8.30am
Fifth Sunday 6.00pm
(Sat vigil)
10.30am 9.00am
Assembly of Word and Communion
Assembly of Word and Communion


LITURGY Balmoral Casterton Coleraine Edenhope Harrow/Tarray
First Sunday 11am Mass 9am Mass 9am Lay-led 9am Mass  
Second Sunday 9am Lay-led 10am Lay-led 9am Mass 10:30 Lay-led 11am Mass Harrow
Third Sunday 9am Mass 5pm Mass 9am Mass 11am Mass  
Fourth Sunday 9am Lay-Led 11am Mass 9am Mass 5pm Mass 9am Mass Tarrayoukyan
Fifth Sunday 6pm Ecumenical 9am Mass 9am Ecumenical 10am Ecumenical 11am Mass Harrow


LITURGY Macarthur RECONCILIATION Hamilton Country Centres ?
First Sunday 8.30am   after 10am Mass on Friday or as advertised on the Weekly Bulletin as advertised or contact Fr Patrick Mugavin
?03 55711161
Second Sunday 8.30am
Assembly of Word and Communion
Third Sunday  
Fourth Sunday 8.30am?
Fifth Sunday 8.30am


MASSES First Sunday Second Sunday Third Sunday Fourth Sunday Fifth Sunday
9am Sunday Edenhope (JC) Coleraine Coleraine (JC) Tarrayoukyan (JC) Casterton
Casterton (DH) Balmoral (DH) Coleraine (DH)
11am Sunday Balmoral Harrow Edenhope Casterton Harrow
5pm Sunday     Casterton Edenhope  


Our Parish

The Parish of St Mary Mackillop, Western Border was formed by joining groups of neighbouring parishes that have already been working together and sharing a parish priest. The East Wimmera parish covers  Casterton, Coleraine, Edenhope, Hamilton and Harrow. The formation of this new parish is the fruit of several years of consultation, including the Looking Forward gatherings that have been held since 2014. The detailed proposals for the new parish developed through discussions among priests and parishioners over the past few months and were endorsed by the Council of Priests at their meeting on June 19. Bishop Paul Bird confirmed the formation of the new parish on July 1.

These new arrangements will make it easier for the local communities to share the tasks involved in pastoral care and parish administration and will give the priests more time for pastoral and sacramental ministry.

The priests who have been caring for this region will continue to do so. Fr Patrick Mugavin is Parish Priest of the Western Border parish, with Fr John Corrigan as Assistant Priest. 

Catholic Schools:

St Mary's Parish School, Hamilton

Monivae College, Hamilton

Sacred Heart Primary School, Casterton

St Joseph's Primary School, Coleraine

St Malachy's Primary School, Edenhope

St Joseph's Primary School, Penshurst



The first Mass was celebrated in Hamilton in a tent on the 22nd May, 1848 by Fr Kavanagh. The first Parish Priest appointed to St Mary’s Hamilton was Fr John O’Connell in 1862.  St Mary’s Catholic Church Hamilton, designed by William Wardell, which stands on what was once known as ‘She Oak Hill’ with its spire it dominates as a landmark building for Hamilton. James Henry Fox architect was the supervisor of the early work at St Mary’s which opened in August 1866. Francis Punch local architect was responsible for extensions and renovations in 1987. St Mary’s has historical significance for its association with Catholic congregations in the Hamilton district and beyond over a period of nearly 130 years.


Casterton is a country town situated in the Glenelg River valley among the hills of Victoria's southwest with a population of around 2,000 people. It is most famous for being the birthplace of the kelpie!

Sacred Heart Parish — originally named the Sandford Mission — was established in 1875. Our parish church was erected in 1886. At present about 100 people frequent Mass at Sacred Heart each Sunday. On the fourth Sunday of the month, Mass is followed with substantial refreshments in the church hall. Visitors are especially welcome.

In 1902 the Sisters of Mercy established a convent in Casterton, and served the community here until 2008. The sisters' ministry and witness lives on in Sacred Heart Primary School, which continues to thrive.

A Passionist Family Group meets each month, which presently constitutes fifteen families. New parishioners are welcome and encouraged to join.

Sacred Heart is also home to a hard-working and fruitful conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society. The Vinnies Shop, at 32 McPherson Street in Casterton, is open Wednesday to Friday, from 10am to 3:30pm, and Saturday 10am to 12pm.


St Malachy's Church is located in the main street of Edenhope.  We welcome all visitors to Edenhope.

We are very proud of our Catholic Primary School, St Malachy's. It is situated around the corner from the church, on the shores of Lake Wallace — which really is a lake again, now that wet winters have returned!

There are also church communities in Apsley, Goroke and Minimay. Each of these places celebrates Mass at regular intervals.


Harrow is a quintessentially Aussie hamlet within the Western District. It is a close-knit community with lots of initiative. Among its many attractions, locals have organised the Johnny Mullagh Discovery Centre, an historical sound and light show at the local pub, and popular recurring events like "Beaut Blokes" — the inspiration for Farmer Wants a Wife — and "Pathways to Harrow," which celebrates multiple generations of pioneering women of the district. The Catholics in Harrow worship at St Michael's, a charming timber church "the other side of the river."

The neighbouring town of Balmoral is smaller than Harrow, but the Catholic congregation there is much bigger. At St Patrick's you will find a repertoire of hymns which reflect the artistic talents redolent of Balmoral. The faithful of St Michael's welcome you to our active and friendly community.

Tarrayoukyan is no longer a town at all. Where once there stood a sawmill, a pub, and multiple residences, Tarrayoukyan now consists of St Joseph's Catholic Church, and a picturesque bush cemetery. Nonetheless, there are always visitors among the Tarrayoukyan congregation at our monthly Mass, and they're always made to feel welcome.



Fr Paddy

Parish Priest
Rev Patrick Mugavin (Resident in Hamilton)

Fr Paddy is Parish Priest of St Mary Mackillop Parish, Western Border which encompasses the parishes of  Casterton, Coleraine, Edenhope, Hamilton and Harrow.  




Assistant Priests

Rev Anthony Nagothu (Resident in Casterton)

Rev Toan Nguyen CSsR (Resident in Hamilton)


Parish Manager:

John Hockey



Noreen McLeish


Parish Secretaries

Kymhan Watson

Carolyn Stanhope


The weekly bulletin can be read here.

Parish News

Parish Newsletter

26 March 2019

Edition 1

Fr John McKinnon's 60th Anniversary of Ordination Celebrations

26 November 2017

Mass will be held at St Mary’s Church Hamilton

Casterton Vinnies

8 November 2017

Recently, the Casterton Branch of St. Vincent de Paul held their South West Regional AGM at Sacred Heart Primary School Casterton.

Parish Map

St Mary's

23 Dinwoodie Street, 23 Dinwoodie Street

Sacred Heart

26 Robertson Street, 26 Robertson Street

St Joseph’s

47 McKebery Street, 47 McKebery Street

St Malachy’s

5 Anzac Avenue, 5 Anzac Avenue

St Patrick’s

98 Martin Street, 98 Martin Street

St Thomas’

Caramut Road, Caramut Road

St Malachy’s

High Street , High Street

St Joseph's

13 Martin Street , 13 Martin Street

St Patrick’s

Cnr Simpson Street & Coleraine Road, Cnr Simpson Street & Coleraine Road

St Joseph’s

Tarrayoukyan Road, Tarrayoukyan Road

St Michael’s

Glenferrie Road, Glenferrie Road

Immaculate Conception

14 Splatt Street, 14 Splatt Street

Catholic Community


Catholic Community


We are the Catholic Church in the Ballarat Diocese
we gather in the name of Jesus from the Murray to the sea
in interwoven faith communities. Spirit filled
we celebrate and share our journey
reaching out to nurture all God's people.

Diocesan Vision Statement 2005

All Enquiries

PO Box 576
Ballarat, Victoria 3353

Phone +61 3 5337 7111

Where to find us

Catholic Diocese of Ballarat
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Ballarat, Victoria 3353