Social Services Sunday

On 19 September 2021, we mark Social Services Sunday within the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. On this day we invite all to give thanks and pray for all who stand with and provide support to those who are

marginalised and vulnerable within our communities. We recognise with deep gratitude, those working within Catholic Social Services Victoria’s 43 member organisations, the 7,000 staff and 17,000 volunteers, who together, serve more than 200,000 people in need each year. We also give thanks for all in our parishes, who are so often at the forefront of providing practical support and care to those in need within their local communities, and beyond.

We call to mind the recent 2021/22 Social Justice StatementCry of the Earth Cry of the Poor – released by the Australian Catholic bishops, which reminds us of the social mission of the Church and which urges us to reflect on ‘the bigger picture’ and to act together on social, economic and ecological issues. Together, we all have a role to play in building a just and equitable society, where all have equal opportunities to flourish and prosper.

A Prayer for Wonder and Awe

God of wonders,

you show us your beauty in all created things.

Help us to pay attention:

to the taste of the ocean on our lips,

the warmth of the sun on our hands,

the song of birds in the morning and evening,

the fragrance of the earth after rain,

and to the star that guides us.

Creator God,

we stand in awe of all that you have made.

Fill our hearts with gratitude for every good gift, great and small,

that feeds and forms us,

inviting and enabling us to become people who are fully alive in your amazing grace.