Catholic Earthcare

Catholic Earthcare Ballarat Diocese aim to foster and encourage communities to understand and embrace the ecological conversion at a local, national and world level.

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Vision Statement


As part of God’s creation, humans are celebrated as a part of all creatures, the natural environment and the universe itself.? Genesis demands of humans that we look after and care for the Earth as ‘responsible stewards’.

In January 2001 Pope John Paul 11, in commenting on the environmental health of Earth stated that, “we immediately see that humanity has disappointed God’s expectations degrading that “flowerbed” which is the Earth, our dwelling place”. He called all humanity to avoid ecological “catastrophe” and called Catholics especially to an ‘ecological conversion”.

In an address in Berlin in 2011 Pope Benedict XVI said, “Young people had come to realize that something is wrong in our relationship with nature, that matter is not just raw material for us to shape at will, but that the earth has a dignity of its own and that we must follow its directives. If something is wrong in our relationship with reality, then we must all reflect seriously on the whole situation and we are all prompted to question the very foundations of our culture. The importance of ecology is no longer disputed. We must listen to the language of nature and we must answer accordingly.”

Our Vision

To foster and encourage communities to understand and embrace the ecological conversion at a local, national and world level

We aspire to achieve these objectives by promoting:

  1. an environmental spirituality that is essential to the spiritual life of Church communities
  2. the linkage between the sustainability of the environment and social, spiritual and physical health.
  3. the attitude that a safe ecological environment is a universal right for all species including humans
  4. the view that a sustainable ecology is required for present and future generations
  5. that humankind has a duty to strive for a sustainable environment to overcome poverty and injustice.


We desire to sustain the ecological conversion called for by Pope John Paul 11 and achieve ecological sustainability, reduce the human ecological footprint and avoid the loss of ecosystems and species.


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