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Lay Pastoral Ministry Program


Welcome to the

Lay Pastoral Ministry Program

of the Ballarat Diocese



The Lay Pastoral Ministry Program offers opportunities for
formation, support, study and certification 
for lay pastoral employees
and volunteers in the Ballarat Diocese in partnership with the
Virtual Learning Community, Dayton University.

Information about the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program is in the documents attached below.

Please contact us to talk about your current ministry situation, or what you hope to do, to enable us to assist as you discern your formation pathway.

Documents for download:

 Information for participants in the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program:
Applications are now open for the first study cycle for 2020 which begins January 12. Applications for this study cycle will be open from November 1 to December 23. New participants wishing to register should complete the Application Form above. Ongoing participants can register for a subject in Study Cycle 1 - 2020 by January 6.

Study Cycles for 2020:
  • Cycle 1: Jan 12 - Feb 15 Registrations open til Dec 23
  • Cycle 2: Mar 01 - Apr 04 Registrations open Jan 15 - Feb 19
  • Cycle 3: Apr 19 - May 09  (all courses this cycle over 3 weeks)
    Registrations open Mar 04 - April 08 
  • Cycle 4: May 24 - Jun 27 Registrations open Apr 22 - May 13
  • Cycle 5: Jul 12 - Aug 15  Registrations open May 27 - Jul 08
  • Cycle 6: Aug 30 - Oct 03 Registrations open Jul 15 - Aug 19
  • Cycle 7: Oct 18 - Nov 21 Registrations open Sep 02 - Oct 07

You can find details of each subject (course) here

Access the Diocesan Resource Centre Catalogue here 

For more information please contact:

Lay Pastoral Ministry Program Facilitator
Kim Butler
Ph: 0407 523 424


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