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Year of Youth 2018

2018 is the Year of Youth in Australia
it starts with the new Liturgical Year
2-3 December 2017

Open New Horizons for Spreading Joy

Year of Youth 2018

The Catholic Bishops of Australia invite Catholics across the country to join in celebrating a Year of Youth from the beginning of Advent 2017 to December 2018. The theme is, ‘Open New Horizons for Spreading Joy: Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment’. The emphasis is on local discussion and dialogue in parishes, schools, youth groups and dioceses.  The Year of Youth will be celbrated at a huge open air Mass at the next Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney on 9 December 2017.

The Catholic Bishops said: “Young people have a great capacity to address injustice and create new opportunities for joy and hope. Today, many young people want to serve, and others are willing to take a chance to make the world a better place.”

Ballarat Diocese will be finding many diverse ways to focus on the Year of Youth 2018.

We look forward to sharing ideas and plans with you. The Australian Office for Youth has more Year of Youth info here.

Year of Youth aims to:

  • prayerfully discern the Australian Bishops vision for ministry with young people, Anointed and Sent
  • authentic and personal engagement by Church leaders in the challenges and success in young people’s lives
  • acknowledging the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of young people, and young people acting upon the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church;
  • upholding the dignity of young people, ensuring a safe environment from physical, emotional and spiritual harm 

These goals for the Year of Youth dovetail together with the goals of Anointed and Sent: an Australian vision for Catholic youth ministry and provide a rich framework and challenges local faith communities to explore new horizons as they accompany young people into maturity.

Year of Youth 2018 Prayer

Year of Youth

World-wide Synod on Young People, Rome, October 2018

Pope Francis has announced that the next world-wide Synod of Bishops will focus on ‘Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment’.  It will be held in Rome in October 2018. 

The following words from Pope Francis emphasise the inclusive intention of the 2018 worldwide Synod on Young People:

“Some people say: “Let’s hold the Synod for young Catholics, for those belonging to Catholic groups; that way it will be better”.  No!  The Synod is meant to be the Synod for and of all young people.  Young people are its protagonists.  “But even young people who consider themselves agnostics?”  Yes!  “Even young people whose faith is lukewarm?”  Yes!  “Even young people who no longer go to Church?”  Yes!  “Even young people who consider themselves atheists?”  Yes!  This is the Synod of young people and we want to listen to one another.  Every young person has something to say to others.  He or she has something to say to adults, something to say to priests, sisters, bishops and even the Pope.  All of us need to listen to you!”

These words are from Pope Francis’ Address at the Prayer Vigil for WYD 2017 given on 8 April 2017. The Pope’s whole Address is here.  You may wish to use it as a starting-point as you consider the Year of Youth and the Youth Synod. 

Recently several Australians visited Rome to participate in planning for the Synod.  These included Ashleigh Green.  Here is what happened.







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