A Positive Thing

On Friday, November 17, St Paul’s Primary School, Mildura celebrated their School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Launch.  The day began with students wearing black and yellow to school, in support of the “Bee” theme of “Be Safe, Be Your Best and Be Respectful.”  Teachers were also seen to be wearing wings, headband antennas and yellow tutus to mark the occasion.  Principal Vince Muscatello made an appearance as a ‘King Bee’ donning a ‘Bee Costume’ for the day!

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During the day students participated in “Bee” type activities such as making honey joys, honey cheerio necklaces, bee based art work and sport based games. 

The “Gotcha” Program was explained to the students and they were “caught” following the norms and rewarded with a “gotcha” that not only goes into a raffle, but counts towards earning each “Unit” and eventually the whole school a prize.

Although the dressing up and activities were fun, students have been introduced to our Behavior Matrix and are engaged in explicit teaching in how to “be their best”, “be respectful” and “be safe” in different areas of the school.  

Vince Muscatello – Principal