ACU Ethicsfinder

EthicsFinder is a user friendly, expertly curated ethics search engine database intended to be a one-stop-shop for ethics inquiry, with a particular focus on ethical thought within the Catholic intellectual tradition. EthicsFinder links to thousands of influential and reputable articles, books, and videos which have been curated by an international network of close to one hundred academics.

From bioethics to environmental ethics, EthicsFinder spans a range of popular topics in life, love, politics, ethics, philosophy and culture, seeking to bring Catholic positions into dialogue with reason-based critique of those positions. EthicsFinder also arranges and collates Church teaching by topic and magisterial authority, offering users a unique and accessible way to navigate the vast breadth of Church teaching. It is our great hope that EthicsFinder will be immensely useful for students, scholars and anyone seeking to nourish their mind and their faith in these highly topical areas.

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