Advent appeal for Ukraine

During the November 2022 plenary meeting of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, the Bishops strongly supported a proposal from Bishop Mykola Bychok CSsR, Eparch of Sts Peter and Paul for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Australia, to hold an appeal for the people of Ukraine.

It has been proposed that dioceses, eparchies and parishes designate the Second and/or Third Sunday in Advent for a special appeal for Ukraine as a second or third collection, a “leaving” collection or provide another means for parishioners to contribute to the Advent Appeal for Ukraine.

The collections will support the work of Mudra Sprava (Wise Action), a Patriarchal Charitable Foundation in Ukraine. The organisation has three focus areas: Evacuation of people from frontline territories; Food packages for people in need; Shelters for internally displaced persons.

More information can be found here.

To donate via CDF Pay through your parish, click ‘My Giving is For…… and choose Advent appeal for Ukraine