Australian Catholic Church Plenary Council 2020

At their recent meeting in Sydney, while awaiting approval from the Holy Father, the bishops began work to prepare governance, advisory and support structures for the Council. The special bishops’ commission will be chaired by Archbishop Mark Coleridge and consist of Archbishops Wilson and Costello and Bishops Long and Kennedy and the Maronite Bishop for Australia Bishop Antoine – Charbel Tarabay. The bishops agreed to set up an advisory body to the commission, which will consist of about 12 representatives. A position of executive secretary to the commission will be advertised before Christmas.

Archbishop Coleridge said consultation to generate the agenda for the plenary council would involve many people. “We have to make it genuinely a council of the whole Church and that will take time and we need to devise processes for that to happen,” he said.

Peter Wilkinson wrote about the need for an Australian Synod in 2012. His article (also printed in the Swag) can be read here.