Ballarat Diocesan Schools Advisory Council – 2017 Activities

The Ballarat Diocesan Schools Advisory Council (BDSAC) has held four meetings in 2017, visiting schools across the Diocese.

On three occasions in 2017 the BDSAC conducted two-day meetings which involved visiting schools in the local region, culminating with a dinner with all of the School Advisory Council members in the area. The schools visited by the BDSAC in 2017 were St Patrick’s Primary Stawell, St Mary’s Primary Ararat, Marian College Ararat, St Mary’s Primary Swan Hill, Mary MacKillop College Swan Hill, St Joseph’s Primary Warrnambool, St Pius X Primary West Warrnambool, St Patrick’s Primary Port Fairy, St Patrick’s Primary Camperdown and Mercy Regional College Camperdown.  The BDSAC dinners were held in Ararat, Swan Hill and Port Fairy.  

Some of the content discussed at the meetings involved the School Improvement Framework and the Characteristics of Highly Effective Catholic Schools (CHECS). Schools were asked to identify areas they are working on to enhance their school improvement data, as well as commenting on staff formation activities. The BDSAC also ratified a number of policies throughout the year, which were then distributed to schools to be used to support their operational needs and processes.

The school tours enable the BDSAC members to gain a greater understanding of local issues and challenges faced by schools across the diocese. It is pleasing to see schools showcasing their school communities and to see the students being engaged in their work. It is a credit to the school leadership teams that the schools are always well presented and the students readily interact with the BDSAC members during the tours.

The photos below show some of the staff and BDSAC members at various schools around the diocese.

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