Caritas Australia support for Ukraine

Pope Francis’ Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

I ask you to pray the Our Father for peace in Ukraine, now and throughout this Day.

Let us ask the Lord to grant that the country may grow in the spirit of brotherhood,
and that all hurts, fears and divisions will be overcome.

We have spoken about the Holocaust.
But let us think too that [in Ukraine] millions of people were killed [1932-1933].

They are a people who have suffered;
they have suffered from hunger, suffered from much brutality and they deserve peace.

May the prayers and supplications that today rise up to heaven touch the minds and hearts of world leaders,
so that dialogue may prevail and the common good be placed ahead of partisan interests.

Please, no more war.

Cartias Australia and the Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Caritas Australia is supporting Caritas Ukraine, our long-term partner, to provide immediate humanitarian aid – food and water, shelter for displaced people, and even transport for families fleeing the violence.  If you would like to give specifically to Ukraine, Caritas Australia is raising funds with our Ukraine Appeal. Donations can be made via the Caritas Australia website. Crises like the one unfolding in Ukraine shine a light on the support that vulnerable people need. People right across the world who face conflict, natural disasters, drought and political upheaval each and every day, rely on the support of communities like ours. Each year, the funds raised through Project Compassion provide this help and make a huge difference in the lives of many. We thank you for being a pillar in this support.

Prayer for Ukraine

On March 2, Ash Wednesday, Caritas Australia will be holding “Pray for Ukraine”, a special prayer in solidarity with Ukraine open to all via Zoom at 4pm AEST. Caritas Australia’s Director of Mission, Michael McGirr, will be leading the vigil.

“Every Ash Wednesday we take time to reflect, pray and fast. This year Pope Francis has called on us all to make this Ash Wednesday a special day of fasting, penance and prayer for peace in Ukraine,” said Mr McGirr.

“We will stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian sisters and brothers in their time of great need. We pray earnestly for peace and justice. Together, we will join together and call on God ‘…to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.’ (Lk 1:79). I fervently hope that our prayers, joined with countless others around the world, may help to end this meaningless suffering and restore peace.”

“Ukraine needs our help more than ever, as they face what may soon become mass displacement at a scale not seen since WWII. Already over 368,000 people have fled Ukraine and crossed into neighbouring countries, and millions more are expected to flee in the coming days and weeks.”

“This prayer is one way for us to show our compassion and solidarity with those facing conflict in Ukraine right now, and I look forward to seeing Australians come together in prayer and support for our friends in Ukraine. We ask God to bring light to a dark situation.”

Caritas Australia would like to invite anyone to join us in prayer this Wednesday at 4pm AEST.

Please join us on Zoom. Meeting details and link below.

Ash Wednesday Prayer for Ukraine  

Meeting ID: 883 2914 0480

Passcode: 248123

Caritas Australia is working with long-term partner Caritas Ukraine to respond to the crisis. Caritas Ukraine has been working in response to the conflict in Ukraine since 2014 and are currently on the ground providing vital emergency support, including food, hygiene kits, clean water and emergency shelter to displaced families.  Donations can be made at:

Media contact: Jessica Stone 0490 684 867 /


Bishop Paul's homily on prayer for Ukraine