‘Empowering Archives’

From June 7 to 11, the third International Archives Week was celebrated with the theme ‘Empowering Archives’.

Archival and records management professionals and organisations were invited to join in a virtual conversation by using these hashtags (#EmpoweringArchives and #IAW2021), to discuss:

  • How archives empower accountability and transparency, through access to information for holding governments to account and ensuring that citizens can protect their rights.
  • How networking and collaboration enable us to empower archives and the profession to help us achieve our goals and objectives for the profession and our institutions through the support of allied professions while helping other sectors and the general public understand what we do.
  • How to challenge current archival theory and practice to make it more diverse and inclusive of different voices along with different histories.


The Australian Society of Archives (Victoria Branch) celebrated the week by inviting some archives to showcase parts of their collection. The Diocese of Ballarat archives were included in this, check it out below: