The Parish of



  • St Peter's

    Cumberland Street, Linton

  • St John's

    3 Anderson Street, Skipton

  • St Brigid's

    788 Main Street, Snake Valley

Parish Office

All enquiries to 
Redan Parish
508 Leith Street
Redan  Vic  3350

0455 212 123



Mass Times

1st Sunday
6.30 pm – Vigil Snake Valley
9.00 am – Linton
10.30 am – Skipton
2nd Sunday
6.30 pm – Vigil Snake Valley
9.00 am – Linton
10.30 am – Skipton
3rd Sunday
6.30 pm – Vigil Snake Valley
9.00 am – Linton
10.30 am – Skipton
4th Sunday
6.30 pm – Vigil Snake Valley
8.30 am – Linton
10.30 am – Skipton
5th Sunday
6.30 pm – Vigil Snake Valley
9.00 am – Linton
10.30 am – Skipton
During Daylight Savings Time, October-April, Vigil Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Ballarat is 6.30pm and St Aloysius, Redan is 6.00pm

Latest Parish Bulletin - 02 Jun 2023

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Our Parish

On Sunday, May 31, 2015 the Parish of Linton celebrated two very significant anniversaries.

The first was the Centenary of St Peter’s Catholic Church (1915 – 2015) and the second was the 140th year of the Linton/Smythesdale Parish (1875 – 2015).   It was with great joy that more than 150 past and present parishioners joined together in Mass led by Bishop Paul Bird and concelebrated by Frs John Keane, Bill Melican, James Kerr, Anthony Nagothu and George Areeckal.  Fittingly, St Peter’s was full to capacity with many standing in the aisles.

Following Mass Bishop Paul blessed and unveiled a plaque commemorating the occasion.  The forecast rain held out just in time for some official photos and then all moved on to the Linton Recreation Reserve for lunch and much reminiscing.  Photo boards around the room prompted many stories to be told, whilst parishioners old and new shared memorabilia and stories from the rich history. Both young and old enjoyed the celebrations.

John Kennedy, who was instrumental in the organisation of the celebration and a fourth generation parishioner, was MC for the occasion and offered a concise and informative history of the parish.  Former parishioners, Rod and Greg O’Bierne, spoke fondly of their family’s long association with the many priests who dedicated their lives to the parishioners of St Peter’s.  They recounted the Redemptorist missions and the Mercy nuns who nourished the spiritual lives of families for decades.  Fr Bill Melican entertained with a few memories of his time as a curate in the parish.

After the many years of outstanding service of Fr John Keane, the parishioners express their gratitude to Frs Justin Driscoll, Anthony Nagothu and James Kerr for their on-going support of the Linton Parish.

From 2019 –  January 2021, Fr Kevin Maloney, Vicar General, was the Linton Parish Priest.

On January 15, 2021, Fr Eugene McKinnon began his appointment as the Linton Parish Priest.



Parish Priest
Fr Eugene McKinnon
(Resident at Redan)

Fr Eugene is also Parish Priest of Redan Parish and Sebastopol Parish

Parish Safeguarding Officer
Cecelia Rowberry
Parish Contacts
Frank & Kath O’Brien, Snake Valley
Phone: (03) 5344 9257
Jenny Bruty, Chepstowe
Phone: (03) 5349 5558
John & Kath Kavanagh, Geelong Road, Skipton, 3361
Phone: (03) 5340 2394
Kathy Parker-Brookes, Smythesdale


Children Young People and Vulnerable Adults Safety Policy 

Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Code of Conduct

Commitment Statement to the Safety of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

Click HERE for Children, Young People and Adults at Risk safety Policy


Standard 1 of the Victorian Childsafe Standards

Aboriginal cultural safety—a conversation with Sherry Balcombe and Michael Chisholm I July 2022



Parish News

July 10, 2020
Last Mass in Springdallah
The final prayers have been said, the last communion has been shared, and now Springdallah’s 121-year-old Catholic Church has closed.
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Beaufort & Linton Parish Mission with Fr Richard Leonard SJ
Being Catholic in the 21st Century Mission to be held October 14-18, 2017
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50th Anniversary of Extensions to St John’s Church, Skipton
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