Bungaree Walk4One Lunch



On Sunday, June 19, 2016 a social gathering with lunch and guest speaker was organised by the Leadership Team, St Michael’s Parish, Bungaree.

Over one hundred parishioners, former parishioners and friends enjoyed lunch at the Bungaree Community Centre followed by well-travelled guest speaker and author Sam Clear, who spoke of his travels while on a trek of 15,600km on foot through 20 countries over 568 rugged days.

His motivation was to encourage Christians to unite but in doing so learnt more about himself, the harshness and beauty of the world and its people than he could have ever imagined.  Through his experience, Sam spoke of the love and kindness and profound generosity he found in the spirit of the poor and ordinary people of the world and subsequently came to understand that “unity means more than just a name on a parish sign post”.

Sam’s journey has been recorded in his book ‘Walk4One’, which tells of extraordinary courage, challenges and love in action under incredible circumstances.

The occasion was an opportunity to gather and was enjoyed by all.  It was a time to mingle and rekindled friendships.

Liz Hanrahan