Community in Coragulac

Students at St Brendan’s School Coragulac have been focussing on community, as well as a focus on building relationships in the Religion Unit.  The school is strengthening its relationship with Thomas Carr College, Good Samaritan Campus in many ways and the students are looking at opportunities to explore their local community further.

We learnt that community spirit often means working together and students and teachers helped to make tree guards for trees recently planted at Chooks at the Rook, a free range egg farm.  Due to restrictions, only a few went out there to put the guards around the trees, instead of all students. We plan for students to be given a tour of the farm and learn about sustainable farming practices, once restrictions are lifted.

We are very fortunate that Thomas Carr College has kindly offered us the services of their Outdoor Education teacher, Vanessa Tait, as well as use of their school bus as we plan to extend our activities once we are able.  Another great example of community spirit!

Another community focus was when Debbie Van Es and I spent the afternoon delivering care packages which were generously donated by the Thomas Carr College.  Debbie works as a cook at the College and worked really hard to put all of the packages together.  We then drove all over the countryside to deliver them. It was lovely to see so much of the countryside and say hello to so many of our families along the way. It was quite the adventure with many missed turns, a close confrontation with a couple of alpacas and also gate-crashing on a cow that was in the process of giving birth.  I had lots of stories to share with the family that night!

I know that you all join with me in giving Thomas Carr College a big thank you for their kind gesture and look forward to learning more about community and building relationships.

Leanne Eastman – Principal