NAIDOC Celebrations

St Paul’s Primary School Mildura students finally participated in activities to celebrate NAIDOC day. Original celebrations were postponed due to lockdown 5. Due to restrictions, the celebration was unable to begin with a whole school liturgy with parents invited, instead it was the students and staff gathered as one in classrooms for a virtual liturgy. Students were able to wear casual clothes which reflected indigenous culture in colour (red, black and yellow) or indigenous design.  A short snippet of the liturgy can be watched below:

The students were engaged in the discussions that we had on the importance of NAIDOC week to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. All students looked deeply into Indigenous artwork for NAIDOC week and were able to create a wonderful display to show their learning.

The Foundation students learnt about different hunting tools and decorated a boomerang using some symbols found in Aboriginal art. The Junior students worked together to create a collaborative Rainbow Serpent after learning about the significance of Dreamtime stories to Indigenous people.  The senior students learnt about the importance of the sky in Aboriginal culture and how the people have been using it as a survival tool for thousands of years. They studied some Aboriginal astrology art pieces for inspiration and they created their own artwork.

The artwork is on display in the walkway to the staff room and look AMAZING!

Vince Muscatello – Principal