For the first three weeks of term two 2019, four teachers from Sacred Heart and St Pauls Primary Schools travelled accommpanied by Fr Michael McKinnon to Peru for a mission immersion experience.

The Schools, through the initiative of Mrs Marion Guthrie, have been supporting the missionary work of the Columbans for a number of years. This support in more recent years has been directed to a large extent towards The Shared table Project, which includes a number of pastoral programs set up by Fr Michael McKinnon during his years working in Lima.

The visit included time in the Parish of Motupe Montenegro on the edge of Lima, the Children’s Home run by Columban Fr Tony Coney in Lima, and also a visit up to Ayacucho and Huancapi where Marion continues to support projects, including the breeding of guinea pigs for human consumption.

No trip to Peru could be complete without a visit to Cusco and Machu Picchu, and so three days were given to this journey toward the end of the visit.

Many thanks to the Principals, Des Lowry and Vince Muscatelo for their support of this initiative, and thanks also to the CEOB for financial assistance also.