St Brigids College STEAM Centre


St Brigid’s College Horsham have completed their newest building venture that sees an architect designed, purpose-built STEAM Centre become a highlight feature of the College. STEAM education involves integrated learning across Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.  The College is expanding their teaching and learning program to ensure the College continues to meet the needs of current and future students. Building an even better St Brigid’s College is an exciting project and the new STEAM building project heralds a bright future for the College.

With construction recently completed, the centre will be home to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics subjects that empower students to investigate the world and complete inquiry projects. It gives them the opportunity to pose questions and use and develop their skills of how to come to a solution. They will use knowledge they have gained in their years at our Horsham primary schools and junior years at St Brigid’s College, along with expert help from local industry to work on problems that surround them locally, nationally or globally.

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