St Patrick’s Olympics

On August 3, the Olympics came to St Patrick’s School Nhill.  The children marched behind their class flags and followed the Olympic flame as they participated in the Opening Ceremony.  Following the raising of the St Patrick’s Olympic flag, Jack lit the cauldron and the Games were underway.

All students competed in sprints and the winners of each of the heats qualified for the Handicap Sprint Final where Ben won narrowly from Thar Shue and Tessa.

Senior students then participated in a round robin Basketball competition while the Juniors had a Potato Race and Equestrian events.  Competition concluded with a relay with all students particpating.

At the conclusion of competition, medals were presented, the Olympic flag was lowered, the Australian flag raised and the National Anthem was sung, and the cauldron flame was extinguished.  In keeping with the Olympic theme, we readied ourselves for the 2024 Paris Olympics by having some Breakdancing – an event which is to be added to the Olympic program in three years time.  Thank you to Mrs Dickinson for her organisation of the day’s activities.

We have also been fortunate to have Nhill’s Olympic Gold Medalist, Lucy Stephan, visit the school to share a part of her story and her Gold Medal with students.

Lucy spoke of her journey from growing up in Nhill to becoming a dual Olympian and a member of the Gold Medal winning Women’s Four in rowing.

Lucy mentioned how happy she was to have received the letters that our children had sent to her and to other Olympians, during the recent Tokyo competition.

It was truly wonderful for the children to have been able to meet Lucy and to be reminded that it doesn’t matter where they start, there is a big world out there in their future.

Kingsley Dalgleish – Principal