Stewardship Program 2017 (Planned Giving)

The renewal of our Parish Stewardship Program is due this year and will commence on the weekend of July 15th & 16th. Our actual Pledging Sunday will be held the 5th & 6th of August. Please try to be mindful of this date, although people will have a chance to renew their pledge before and after this weekend.


It is three years since the last Program in Mildura. I sincerely thank all those Parishioners who continue to financially support the ongoing costs of Parish Administration and Pastoral Development within the three Parishes of the Sunraysia.


This is the first time that we will enter into a Program together on a regional level. Although each of our Sunraysia Parishes is responsible for its own financial support and upkeep, we will begin this new Program together. Because of this we are able to share some of the resources as well as costs incurred. This will greatly reduce the outlays for the Parishes of Merbein and Red Cliffs without increasing the charge for Mildura.


Some people will be requested to assist as members of the Stewardship Team. The task is not onerous, but it will demand a short term commitment over the next month or so. I am not enamored with the administration of Parish finances, and I am extremely grateful to those who assist in this duty. However, the stewardship of the Parish is an important responsibility in which we all share. I ask for your support and backing in this undertaking, and am confident that it will be forthcoming.


Fr. Michael McKinnon