The “Loud Fence” at All Saints Parish


In response to the tying of ribbons by Bishop Paul Bird, Bishop of Ballarat, the Parish of All Saints Parish Portland has erected a “Loud Fence” at the front of the Parish Church in Bentinck St.

Fr Gregory Tait read the article regarding Bishop Paul in the Diocesan e-News.  “I asked the congregation what they thought of erecting our own LOUD FENCE here in Portland to show our solidarity with Victims & Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and their families. I received such a strong response that we wasted no time in putting up our LOUD FENCE.”

“It has been constructed from a sheep yard panel, held up by star pickets and ties. It is a bit rough”, Fr Gregory says,” But I hope it expresses our realisation that the lives of victims and survivors and their families have endured so much over the many years that they have been ignored by Church and other Institutional Authorities, whose first concern should have been the safety of children in their care”.

The Parish of All Saints hopes that the Portland Community in general will respond to their open invitation to anyone who wishes to come to the Church and place a brightly coloured ribbon on the LOUD FENCE. “We have placed a seat so that you may spend some time in contemplation of the need to be mindful of those lives who have been torn apart by sexual abuse”.  As you place your ribbons in hope remember the people who need our support.

A group of All Saints Parishioners and Student Leaders from Bayview College gathered to place their ribbons and dedicate the fence.

Portland Loud Fence