Vicar General Appointment


Dear Friends,

In January I noted that Fr Justin Driscoll would soon be coming to the end of his five-year term as vicar general and I invited suggestions as to who might be suitable candidates for this role for the years ahead.

I am pleased to announce that the new vicar general will be Fr Kevin Maloney and that he will begin in this role on Monday April 2.

I am most grateful to Fr Justin for the wonderful service he has given as vicar general over the past five years and for his readiness to continue till a new person could take up this responsibility.

I am also most grateful to Fr Kevin for accepting the appointment in addition to his duties as parish priest of Redan and Sebastopol. We have arranged to reduce his workload in those parishes to some extent by providing support for the parish coordinators to take up some additional tasks.

As I thank Fr Justin for his service and welcome Fr Kevin as the new vicar general, I pray for blessings on you all in all the services you provide throughout our diocese.

God bless you all.

Bishop Paul Bird CSsR
Bishop of Ballarat