World Environment Day

Why not hold a liturgical celebration on June 5

for World Environment Day?

This liturgical celebration was shared with Catholic Earthcare by Benedict Ayodi OFMCap, Director of the Office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation in Rome, and is a perfect way to give thanks for God’s Creation.

Setting: Globe, bowl of water, fire, human life, wind…etc. If the celebration is held during Mass, these objects may be carried in procession as a sign of offering during the opening hymn.

Opening Prayer: Gracious Lord, we gather today to celebrate the world environment day. You call each one of us to be in solidarity with all those involved in saving the planet.

Opening Song: to praise God for his creation (optional)

Biblical Text: interspersed with the singing of the song of the three children (Daniel 3).

Earth (animal and plant life) Gen 1: 9-12, 24-25

O Lord, send your Spirit to renew the face of the earth (or any refrain on that theme).

Wind (Ez 37, 5)

All you winds, bless the Lord …

Fire (Gen 3, 14-19)

Fire and heat, bless the Lord, frost and chill, bless the Lord!

Water (Gen 1, 9, 20-23)

Seas and rivers, bless the Lord ….

Human Life (Gen 1, 27; 2, 7.18.21-22)

All you children of men and women bless the Lord!

A Reading from the Love of Eternal Wisdom

Chapter 3 n° 33 and 32

The mysterious game of Divine Wisdom is clearly seen in the great variety of all she created. We are filled with wonderment at the changes we see in the seasons and the weather, at the variety of instincts in animals, at the different species of plants, at the diversified beauty of the flowers and the different tastes of the fruits. Having then created everything, Eternal Wisdom continues to abide in all things. She continues to contain all, to sustain all and to renew all.”

Time of reflection and sharing (optional)

Questions to be read by different persons:

Why are we concerned by

Climate change ?
Biodiversity ?
Oil ?
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

One person answers :

We are concerned because:

The degradation of the environment is a concern for the whole world.

Inhabitants of an Earth threatened by climatic change, by the violations of ecosystems and the disappearance of entire peoples, we announce the Spirit who is always at work and denounce all that destroy life.

The Way of Wisdom: Daughters of Wisdom at the Heart of the World #2

What should we do?

We are aware that “Alone, we can do nothing; together we can build a new world.”

Personal choices may seem insignificant in front of global challenges. But, to multiply individual acts can make a difference.  (From the Call of Creation; The Conference of Bishops of England and Wales)

INTERCESSIONS: spontaneous, in silence OR ALOUD

Invocation (sung) : to the Holy Spirit

Our Father: sung…holding hands

Final Prayer

God, our Creator, you created the world in your image, so we can rejoice in the joy of creation and get to know you through its beauty.

Show us how to care for the earth, for life and for human dignity,

not only for today, but also for the ages to come.

Do not let our projects or our actions

harm or destroy the beauty of your Creation.

Send us your Spirit, so we can be aware of the value of life and of the planet.


Closing Hymn:

A song to Mary…walking with us along the way…or other

Connect, Care, Share: Our Common Home

In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis calls on humanity to work together to care for our Common Home. He reminds us that education is an important tool to enable future generations to protect God’s creation.

This inspired a short video about gardening in schools. It is called “Connect, Care, Share: Our Common Home”, and it explores the vital role gardens play in connecting communities and creating a common home, in the schoolyard and beyond. It was produced with the assistance of Clare Maloney, who has worked with school gardening programs for many years, and was filmed in NSW at Mamre House, St Mary’s and St Patrick’s Primary, Blacktown.

The video is also supported by a PowerPoint presentation (which can be downloaded below), offering practical guidance and support for school gardening.

If you are interested in learning more about how to start composting and and worm farming in your community, please email us

Connect, Care, Share Powerpoint

For more see Catholic Earthcare