New diocesan website

After many months, the new diocesan website is up and running.  However, due to COVID-19, the launch is very low key and hopefully down the track we can make a bigger splash with a launch and blessing along with visits to parishes to roll it out properly.

The Pastoral Ministry Office began the process back in February when advised by Fraynework that the content management system for the website was out-dated and could no longer be supported by the end of the year.  This got us moving and we began planning.  Given the complexity of the diocesan website, it was advantageous to work with Fraynework so that the  functionality could be maintained in the update.

Just recently, Fraynework advised that the operating system and the server hosting the current site would no longer be viable from the end of August/early September, which is much earlier than originally thought.  Hence, the new website is available from August 31.

It has been wonderful to have the support of Bishop Paul in the update of the website and we, along with Bishop Paul, are grateful to all who have supported the development of this website.  Thank you to those we consulted in designing the website and to Fraynework for their hard work and assistance.

Check it out, it looks good!!


Diocesan Website