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Council of Priests


To assist the Bishop in the governance of the Diocese so that the pastoral welfare of the people of God entrusted to the Bishop may be most effectively promoted (Canon 49531).


  • Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Council of Priests, together with the   Bishop, are united in prayerfulness, faith and trust.
  • Valuing co-responsibility and collaboration between the Bishop and the priests, the Council of Priests faithfully and responsibly represents the priests of the Diocese, and are open to accountability.
  • Seeking to discern the movements of the Spirit, and guided by the Diocesan Vision, the Council of Priests listen openly to one another and to the voice of the whole Church as they are expressed in the Diocese of Ballarat.
  • Working alongside those who also serve and minister in the Diocese and empowering all to fulfil their baptismal call to fruitful discipleship, the Council of Priests seek to respond to the prophetic call of the Spirit within the life of the Church and in furthering the reign of God.


The Council of Priests consists of all priests incardinated in the Diocese and all priests who have received an appointment to the Diocese, either by the Bishop of the Diocese or their Religious Superior.


The Council of Priests meets at least twice each year. The business of this meeting can involve:

  • Assisting the Bishop in determining diocesan policies.
  • Matters relating to the pastoral life of the Diocese.
  • Matters of special relevance to the life of the priests.
  • The implication of diocesan policies on the life and ministry of the priest.


Bishop’s Office
PO Box 121

Ph:   03 5337 7121
Fax: 03 5332 1122
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