World Youth Day

Lisbon, Portugal
1 – 6 August, 2023

Registrations with the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne have now closed. You can join the wait list and get more information here.


World Youth Day (WYD) is a worldwide encounter with the Pope, typically celebrated every three years. This encounter, intended for ages 15-35, can be in person on pilgrimage to the host nation or it can be World Youth Day at home.

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Meet the creators of the Lisbon 2023 theme song

Pilgrim Prayer

Our Lady of the Visitation,
you who left in haste towards the mountain to meet Elizabeth,
lead us also to meet all those who await us
to deliver them the living Gospel:
Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord!
We will go in a hurry, with no distraction or delay,
but with readiness and joy.
We will go peacefully, because those who take Christ take peace,
and welldoing is the best wellbeing.

Our Lady of the Visitation,
with your inspiration, this World Youth Day
will be the mutual celebration of the Christ we take, as You once did.
Make it a time of testimony and sharing,
fraternization, and giving thanks,
each of us looking for the others who always wait.
With you, we will continue on this path of gathering,
so that our world will gather as well,
in fraternity, justice and peace.

Help us,
Our Lady of the Visitation,
to bring Christ to everyone, obeying the Father, in the love of the Spirit!


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World Youth Day 2019 – Panama
January 2019

Events are available for viewing on demand:

World Youth Day 2016 – Krakow
July 2016
Blessed are the Merciful, for they shall receive Mercy Matthew 5:7

20 pilgrims from the Ballarat Diocese participated in the Victorian WYD Pilgrimage to Krakow in July 2016 where 2 million young Catholics from around the world joined Pope Francis in exploring and celebrating Catholic faith.

Our pilgrims were from Mildura, Horsham, Portland, Casterton, Warrnambool, Timboon and many of the parishes in the Ballarat city area.  Pilgrims included a number of young teachers from St Joseph’s Primary and Emmanuel College in Warrnambool, and Lumen Christi, St Francis Xavier, St Thomas More and St Patrick’s Primary in Ballarat.