Liturgy Resources

Information regarding Diocesan Liturgical guidelines and policies – click here


The Centre for Liturgy (Australian Catholic University)

The ACU Centre for Liturgy provides specialist expertise, teaching, research and formation in liturgical studies, sacramental theology, and the sacred arts. Officially endorsed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, they offer formative education at every level from training programs for parish ministers through to doctoral degrees for higher degree research students. Programs are tailored to meet the training and formation needs of individual parishes and schools, Catholic education offices, and dioceses in urban and rural locations throughout Australia and the region. We provide workshops, seminars, short-courses and online educational opportunities in liturgy, sacramental theology, and the sacred arts.  Click here for more information.


Funeral Ministry Resources

The Diocesan Liturgical Commission has published resources for the pastoral care of the sick and dying and for funeral and bereavement ministries.  These documents are available from the members section of this website under “Resources – Funeral Ministry”:

  • – Guidelines for Pastoral Care and Funeral Ministry.
  • – Eulogy Writing – Quick Tips.
  • – Lectern Set Funeral Readings for Adults .
  • – Sample Christian Funeral Rite at the Graveside.
  • – Sample Crematorium Committal – The Rite of Christian Farewell.
  • – Sample Crematorium Prayer Service – The Rite of Christian Farewell.
  • – Sample Funeral Prayer Service
  • – Sample Graveside Prayers for a Child / Infant.
  • – Sample Planning Sheet – Funeral Mass.
  • – Sample Planning Sheet – Funeral Prayer Celebration.
  • – Sample Prayers for the Burial of Ashes.
  • – Sample Prayer of the Faithful for Funerals outside Mass.
  • – Sample Prayer of the Faithful for Funerals within Mass.
  • – Sample Vigil Prayers.
  • – The Pall & The Flag.


Liturgy Resource for Schools

Together at One Altar website, developed by the National Catholic Education Commission, is a resource for school aged children in years F-12 in Australia to develop their formation in the Eucharist and assist their full, active and conscious participation in the Eucharist.  Click here to go to the website.


Catholic Worship Book II

The new Catholic Worship Book II will be the official liturgical music resource for the Catholic Church in Australia.  Click here for more information.


Mass Planning Resources


Praying with Children

Praying with Children” from Brisbane Liturgy is designed not only for Children’s Liturgy of the Word celebrated at Sunday Mass in the parish but also for families with young children to use at home. Schools can also use each week’s resources to explore the coming Sunday’s gospel at school. Each week’s resource includes an extract from the Sunday gospel in the Children’s Lectionary translation, along with some reflection questions, music for gathering, psalm and gospel acclamation, family activities, a short video to watch and a worksheet for children.provide an online resource for parishes, schools and families which provides a Children’s Liturgy of the Word for Sundays.  More information available here.


Audio Prayer Resource for Children and Families

An audio resource called ‘Time With Jesus’ (TWJ) is a collection of short five minute meditations that take children (and adults) on an adventure through 13 popular New Testament bible stories to meet Jesus and speak with Him.  For a free sample meditation, tips on how to use the TWJ resource in families and children’s ministries and to make a purchase visit,  TWJ is available on CD or mp3 format and is a joint production of Beheld Media and Parousia.


Thank God for Mass!

Just as lockdown begins to ease and Churches open for prayer and the celebration of Mass, Sue Ellis has produced an interactive book that will help every family, school and church to inspire children to enjoy the many aspects of this key event in the life of every Catholic.  Click here for flyer.


Faith Circles

A free resource from the Diocese of Wollongong for Parish Prayer & Discussions groups. Click here for more details.


LabOra Marriage

Liturgy Brisbane have produced a resource called LabOra Marriage – a program designed to help couples, parishes and priests prepare Catholic wedding liturgies quickly, accurately and simply!  Click here to go to the Liturgy Brisbane website.


Sharing the Word

Sharing the Word is a free E-Library of educational resources for Catholic Ministry.  Sharing the Word is an ongoing project of Catholic Mission Australia and includes full texts of over 8000 open source ebooks, periodicals, podcasts and church documents.  It is free and available here.


Bread 4 Today

Bread 4 Today provides access to daily prayers for reflection and meditation whenever you can spare a moment during the day.  The prayer archive allows users to search past entries by category so that they can reflect on prayers that match their frame of mind. Its categories include: Courage, A just world, Relationships, Hope, Hard Times, Faith, Forgiveness and special intensions (calendar days of prayer and reflection). All prayers can be shared via social media with a tap of the screen, thanks to its integrated social media capabilities.

A prayer APP for life – it will serve as a free, accessible meditation aid which people can use to come closer to God and effect positive change in their lives and their community. Please click here for further information.  Bread 4 Today is available on both Google Play and the App Store.