Diocesan Finance Council


The Diocesan Finance Council (DFC) is an advisory board to the Bishop with responsibility to oversee the entire financial operations of the Diocese.  This includes advice to the Bishop on:

  • Income and expenditure for Diocesan Operations
  • Assets of the Diocese, including Trusts and bequests
  • Property and insurance matters
  • Purchase or sale of parish assets
  • Financial management of Diocesan entities, commissions and committees
  • Administration and financial advice to parishes and clergy


DFC members include the Bishop, Vicar General, clergy representation, lay members with financial and legal expertise and the Diocesan Business Manager.

Bishop Paul Bird, Fr Kevin Maloney (Chair), Peta Clarke, Stephen McArdle, Chris Nolan, Bryan Roberts, Gerald Shanley, Georgia Yanner, Andrew Jirik


The Council meets every 3 months from March to December. Meetings are held in the Diocesan Office, 5 Lyons St South, Ballarat.


Executive Officer:
Mr Andrew Jirik
Diocesan Business Manager
PO Box 576

Phone: (03) 5337 7111
Fax:     (03) 5331 5625
Email: Diocesan Finance Council