“Marriage is a journey of faith”

National Marriage Day

National Marriage Day is celebrated annually on 13 August.

Marriage Week

Marriage Week is celebrated annually.  For information and resources, please visit

Vocation of Marriage and Parenthood

The vocation to which every Christian person is called is the call to love. The call to love is ultimately what God asks from each of us. One way we can choose to live out our call to love is through the vocation of marriage.

Preparing for a Catholic Marriage

Please contact your local parish priest for specific details. Usually Catholics are requested to give the officiating priest at least six months’ notice of their intention to marry. While one month’s notice is obligatory by law, the advanced notice requested allows time for serious marriage preparation.

Marriage in the Catholic Church - Frequently Asked Questions

Documents Required for Marriage in the Catholic Church

The Notification of Intention to Marry Form, available from your parish priest, must be signed no more than three months and no less than one month prior to the wedding day.

Documents required for Marriage

Marriage Preparation

Couples marrying in the Diocese are encouraged to attend a Catholic marriage preparation course. This is to ensure that they have understood and agreed to the solemn promises that they will both be making before God, and to equip them to grow in their love and commitment to each other in spite of challenges they may encounter.

Parish priests will have information on this or Centacare Ballarat offers pre-marriage and relationship courses. See here.

Resources for Life, Marriage & Family

The Archdiocese of Melbourne’s Life, Marriage & Family Office have several resources.  Following the publication of The Joy of Love (Amoris Laetitia), this year the Office has chosen to focus on one theme from Pope Francis’ extensive exhortation.  A number of resources for use in parishes, schools, movements and groups have been developed including:

•         Walking With Families booklet.
•         A4 posters for display in parishes.
•         A series of six videos featuring
•         A reflection guide to help groups engage with the material

The booklet, videos and reflection guide can be downloaded for free from the Life, Marriage & Family website or printed copies of the brochure can be ordered by contacting Penny at the Life, Marriage & Family Office,  email: or ph. (03) 9287 5579.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Life, Marriage & Family Centre have published a brochure Know Yourself:  How to Prepare for & Live Marriage Well.  This brochure is for the single person hoping to marry, the engaged couple, the married couple both young and old.  A copy of the brochure is available here or contact the Life, Marriage and Family Centre, ph. (02) 9307 8403.

Marriage Assistance

At any stage during marriage if couples need any assistance Centacare Ballarat’s Family Relationship Centre is a central location for anyone wanting information and support about family relationships in their life. All families, whether together or separated, can access information about family relationship issues here.