Faith at War and the Priests who served from the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat

Remembrance Day and final viewing:   
To commemorate Remembrance Day 2023,
the Faith at War exhibit will remain on display
until Monday, November 13, 2023

This display explores Priests from the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat who served during WWI, WWII, in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Priests that enlisted from the diocese could serve as Chaplains either in the Australian Army, Australian Royal Air Force or the Australian Royal Navy. Other Priests worked at RAAF bases at Ballarat, Hamilton and Nhill where they served men and women working for the AIF.

Chaplains from the diocese became highly respected for their determination to serve alongside troops both in the trenches and on the front-line. They continually placed themselves in danger operating in the most appalling conditions where “only the devout Christian” could “hear the still small voice above the cannon” or battlefield.

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(Sourced documentation used in this online display includes: The Cross of Anzac: Australian Catholic Service Chaplains by Tom Johnstone, Light: Ballarat Diocesan Journal and various files from the Ballarat Catholic Diocesan archives.)

World War I

Mons Edward O’Sullivan Goidanich

Fr William (Bill) Neison Close

Fr John Heneghan

Fr Thomas Joseph O’Donnell

Fr Thomas P Wood

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World War 11 onwards

Fr Laurie Gallagher

Fr John Francis Kirby

Mons Jim McInerney

Fr Patrick O’Keefe

Fr James Conway


Fr Gerald Payne

Fr Michael Philbin

Mons Thomas Hussey

Mons Henry Nolan

Mons Glynn Murphy

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