Lay Pastoral Ministry Program

Welcome to the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program of the Ballarat Diocese


The Lay Pastoral Ministry Program offers opportunities for formation, support, study and certification for lay pastoral employees and volunteers in the Ballarat Diocese in partnership with the Virtual Learning Community, Dayton University.

The Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation (VLCFF) is an online adult religious education and faith formation program you can access, anytime, anywhere via the internet.


“The VLCFF is a pioneer in the e-learning field, delivering 24/7 remote classes to dioceses worldwide long before the pandemic prompted schools to go online and offer hybrid learning.”
Eric F. Spina
University of Dayton President

Information about the Ballarat Diocese Lay Pastoral Ministry Program is in the documents attached below.

Please contact us to talk about your current ministry situation, or what you hope to do, to enable us to assist as you discern your formation pathway.

Documents for download:

Information for participants in the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program:
New participants wishing to register to study in the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program should complete the Application Form.  Registrations for Study Cycle 5, which begins July 4, are open now for new and returning participants.

Dates for 2021 Study Cycles:

  • Cycle 1: Jan 03 – Feb 06 closed
  • Cycle 2: Feb 21 – Mar 27 closed
  • Cycle 3: Apr 11 – May 01 closed
  • Cycle 4: May 16 – Jun 19 closed
  • Cycle 5: Jul 04 – Aug 17
    Registrations open May 19 – Jun 25
  • Cycle 6: Aug 22 – Sep 25
    Registrations open Jul 07 – Aug 13
  • Cycle 7: Oct 10 – Nov 13
    Registrations open Aug 25 – Oct 01

You can find details of each subject (course) here

Participant reviews:

For more information please contact:

Lay Pastoral Ministry Program Facilitator
Djurdja Klaric
Ph: 5337 7121