Project Compassion 2023

Relay Race for Caritas Australia (Project Compassion)

On Thursday, March 16 the Faith and Mission Committee at St Mary MacKillop College Swan Hill hosted an ‘Egg and Spoon Relay Race’.

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Shrove Tuesday

Following the commissioning for Project Compassion on Sunday, February 19, 2023, on Shrove Tuesday (February 21), Bishop Paul helped provide pancakes for the staff of the diocesan offices.  Project Compassion boxes are situated around the offices to raise funds for 2023 Project Compassion.


Project Compassion Sunday: February 19, 2023

On Sunday, February 19, 2023 Bishop Paul Bird CSsR commissioned Student Leaders, teachers and Caritas Diocesan Director, Jillian Hogbin, as representatives of their communities,to promote Project Compassion 2023.  This Commissioning was held during 5.00pm at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Ballarat.

The representatives pledged to work in partnership with Caritas Australia “For all Future Generations.”  Those gathered prayed for a world of justice, a world where no-one is hungry or poor; a world where richness is shared, for all to enjoy; a world where different races, faiths and cultures live in harmony and mutual respect; a world where peace is built with justice, and justice is achieved through love.

Jillian Hogbin
Caritas Diocesan Director


Project Compassion Resources 2023 

Parish and school resources for Project Compassion 2023 are available from the Caritas website. It is a great website.  Check it out.

Caritas Website

Easter Sunday:  Happy Easter from all at Caritas Australia!

Thank you for your continued support for Project Compassion – past, present and future. Together, we can help vulnerable communities face their challenges today and build a better tomorrow For All Future Generations.

Thank you for supporting Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion 2023 Lenten appeal.

Together, we can help vulnerable communities face their challenges today and build a better tomorrow For All Future Generations.

You can donate through Project Compassion donation boxes and envelopes available from your parish, by visiting  or by calling 1800 024 413.


Palm Sunday of Lent:  Reflection

Download Palm Sunday: Reflection and Prayer of the Faithful

Fifth Sunday of Lent:  What is Project Compassion?

Download Fourth Sunday of Lent: What is Project Compassion and Prayer of the Faithful

Fourth Sunday of Lent:  Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation

Download Fourth Sunday of Lent: Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation story and Prayer of the Faithful

Third Sunday of Lent:  Priscilla’ Story – Zimbabwe

Download Third Sunday of Lent: Priscilla's Story, Reflection and Prayer of the Faithful

Second Sunday of Lent:  Tu’s Story – Vietnam

Download Second Sunday of Lent: Tu's Story, Reflection and Prayer of the Faithful

First Sunday of Lent:  Laxmi’s Story – Nepal

Download First Sunday of Lent: Laxmi's Story, Reflection and Prayer of the Faithful

Ash Wednesday

Download Ash Wednesday Reflection & Prayer of the Faithful

Project Compassion Sunday

Download Project Compassion Sunday Rele

Project Compassion Prayer 2023

Download the Project Compassion Prayer

Project Compassion Empowering Australians to Make a World of Difference

Caritas Australia has announced the launch of Project Compassion 2023, its annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal.

For each of the six weeks of Lent, thousands of Australians come together in solidarity to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.

Caritas Australia helps over 1 million people in Australia and overseas every year – walking alongside those in crisis.

This year, Project Compassion is built around the theme of ‘For All Future Generations’. This theme asks us to reflect on the great yes that Mary said when the angel told her that she was to become the mother of Jesus. She freely accepted a unique place in the history of the human family. The great prayer she shared with her cousin Elizabeth says ‘all generations will call me blessed.’ Her yes is ‘for all future generations.’

During Lent, we are invited to take up the call to fast, pray and give alms. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the many crises that have struck the world over the past 12 months mean that many communities are in great need of your support.

Project Compassion donations can be made here