Bishop’s Message

My Dear People,

Since becoming Bishop of Ballarat in October 2012, I have had the opportunity to meet a good number of the Catholic community. I have also come to know some of the organisations that contribute to the life of the Diocese. One of these is the Catholic Development Fund.

I have been pleased to hear of the support the Fund receives from those who invest in the Fund. This support has enabled the Fund to continue its steady growth and in turn the Fund has been able to support the development of fine Christian services.

Through loans to parishes and schools, the Catholic Development Fund has helped to provide and maintain churches as places of worship for the Catholic community, as well as resources for education.

I would like to thank the people and the parishes of the Diocese, the investors in the Fund for their support and generosity.  I thank members of the Board of the Catholic Development Fund for their contribution in guiding the Fund to continued strength and I also thank Mr Mark Bromley, the Manager of the Fund and all the CDF staff for their dedicated work day after day.

I give thanks to God for the support the Fund continues to give to the life of the Catholic Community throughout the Diocese.

+ Paul Bird CSsR
Bishop of Ballarat