Church Clients

With the CDF – Ballarat Parishes and schools have access to a fund which is user friendly.

The continuing support of the Fund from parishes and schools is most important, as it ensures that we can continue our mission within the Diocese. The CDF provides a range of financial services, including fee-free accounts with a competitive return on investments and also offers low-cost loans with minimum fuss.

Our Savings and Term Investments are available to all parishes and schools.

Term Investments

  • You may choose any term from 6 to 36 months. Interest is calculated on the daily balance and paid to you half yearly
  • Interest will be sent electronically to your nominated bank account or added to your investment
  • You will be notified 2-3 weeks prior to the maturity of your investment, and you may nominate to re-invest or redeem all or part of your investment upon maturity


  • A CDF savings account offers interest, has no account fees and gives prompt access to your funds when required

Christmas Club Application (Employees Only) 


The CDF provides loans to all parishes and schools within the Ballarat Diocese

  • No fees / minimal paperwork
  • Affordable Interest rates
  • Negotiable repayment terms

Please contact the CDF for more information.

Email: or phone: 1800 134 100 Free Call